The Wallet, Deconstructed

A look at the HuMn wallet


Look at your wallet. Now ask yourself, what does a wallet need to do? It needs to hold your cash and cards securely, in an easy-to-access and organized manner. Now ask yourself what it doesn’t need. What if you can take all that extra stuff away and have a wallet that includes only what makes a wallet a wallet. That minimalist approach lead to the creation of the HuMn wallet.

In a way, minimalism is a powerful statement that you are not tied down by extraneous things, that it’s the function that matters. And this wallet is distinctive — your cards and cash are held between two 6061 grade aluminum plates, Bright Dip Anodized to create a brilliant and durable look. The process of bright dipping protects the metal against corrosion, fading or scratching. A third plate divides the space, making a clear demarcation between cash and cards. No pockets or plastic windows or flaps or zippers, just a simple and secure way to hold and organize.

The plates are held by a strong elastic band. One corner of the exterior plates and two corners of the interior plates have thumb notches — just push your thumbs in opposite directions and the wallet opens up. You can flip through your cards sort of like using a classic rolodex. If you’re the organized kind of person, it doesn’t take long to develop a system to always find your license and credit cards fast and easy. Cash can also be put between the strap and the exterior plate, money-clip style, providing even more options for organizing.

One of the advantages of the HuMn 2 wallet is that its aluminum plates block radio waves, making it impossible for the cards to be scanned while they are in the wallet. That makes the wallet not only a statement of purpose and function, but also adds to your security in a world where RFID cards can be scanned without your knowledge.

To find out more about the HuMn 2 wallet or the even-sleeker carbon fiber HuMn Mini, visit the HuMn website at

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