Jaunting Jul

Sedona Hummingbird Festival

The Most Beautiful Place in America to See Hummingbirds

Every year, large numbers of southbound migrating hummingbirds pass through Sedona on their way to wintering grounds in southern Mexico, with some coming from as far away as southern Alaska. The influx raises the local hummingbird population hundreds of percent and increases the number of hummingbird species from 2 to 5 or even 6. Some […]

Finding Your Muse

A weekend getaway to Gloucester Massachusetts


  A weekend in Gloucester doesn’t just mean a chance to escape the city and enjoy the ocean breezes. A New England fishing village dating from the colonial era, Gloucester is blessed with a beautiful seaside that attracted tourists almost as soon as the nation had tourists, and those tourists brought a demand for the […]

Explore Kenya, Land of the Masai

Join a 1920's safari or become a Masai Warrior


For one week, or even a few days, leave behind overbearing technology and be transported to a life as a junior warrior in the plains of the Masai Mara. With the Warrior for a Week program at Saruni’s three safari lodges – Saruni Mara, Saruni Samburu and Saruni Samburu – anyone can learn the survival […]

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