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Extraordinary Gift Ideas for Christmas

Being a Product Reviewer, I get sent some really unique items to look at that would be sure to ‘wow’ that special someone for Christmas. Or, maybe even ‘wow’ yourself! Check them out and see for yourself what they could inspire in someone. Speedy Plus Instant Marinator Ever try to marinate something with just a […]

A Leisurely Walk with your Dog Made Easier!

A look at the inventive "Leisure Leash"


I love to walk with my dog into the deep woods — “off leash”. Yes, I walk my dog around the neighborhood with a leash because you never know about the maniacs in our neighborhood, but I prefer letting my dog run free and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. However, when I […]

Teaching the Kids to Grow

Soilless planting with DuneCraft

There’s a special joy in growing a plant from seed. Starting with a tiny dry pellet, with a bit of nurturing, and growing into a beautiful flower or perhaps even a plant that provides food gives that unique blessing of being a provider of life, no matter who you are. The folks at DuneCraft have […]

Elegance for the Home Dinner Table

Cloth Napkins by Mia and Finn


I just love going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, or any restaurant that uses cloth napkins.  It makes me feel like I am being treated to something really special since cloth napkins are so rarely used now-a days. And, when I am at home making a special dinner, I frequently use cloth napkins because […]

That Special Gift in a Jiffee… I mean YIFTEE

Local gifts, remotely


Modern electronics offer all sorts of conveniences to our fingertips.  It seems that every time I turn around there is something newer and more innovative that has been produced that will make our lives easier.  Technology is here to stay, so I make the best of it. With the holidays almost here, I purchase most of my Christmas gifts […]

A Wedding Gift that will be Remembered for Years

And gets better each year


Weddings are beautiful.  I have to say that there has not been a wedding that I have attended that hasn’t been beautiful.  Maybe a little extravagant at times, but definitely beautiful. I love the ceremony, the flowers, the music, the food, and the cake just about everything and anything that is involved in a wedding.  But, there […]

Nutritious Meals in Minutes

Saved by the IMUSA pressure cooker


Like so many others, I work, do a lot of volunteer work, and have a family.  Just about every working parent can understand how overwhelming it can be trying to prepare hearty and healthy meals when you don’t have 3 hours.  I am not fond of instant whatever, TV dinners, or Burger King, to substitute for […]

Making Yoga Comfortable

A look at a wonderful Gaiam Yoga Mat


    Yoga is one of the best forms of  exercise for getting that  total peace of mind feeling.  Can we say that with any other form of exercise?  Maybe some of you can, but for me, I walk away from doing Yoga feeling refreshed, invigorated and centered.  Other forms of exercise usually mean aches […]

A Baby Bottle on a Moment’s Notice

Checking out the Steri-Bottle


I’d like to extend my sincerest congratulations to all those new parents, (and grandparents) that have just welcomed a new baby into their homes.  Now it’s time for the 3AM feeding and there aren’t any clean bottles ready for that very hungry child in the other room!  What are you going to do now? If […]

Kid’s gifts that didn’t make it into the stockings

... but I wish they had!


I know that I am notorious for waiting till the last minute on many things, but Christmas isn’t one of them.  Well, at least I thought I was until this Christmas when my body decided to give me a good case of pneumonia.  So, I did much of my shopping on line this time, (though […]

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