Food and Drink

Can you believe that “SeaSnax” is made from seaweed?


When I was asked to sample a new product that was made from something that I didn’t expect to be palatable, I wasn’t sure what to say. It was made from seaweed, (or as the producers of Seasnax refer to as sea vegetables). Yes, I know, the material that grows in the ocean is what […]

Feasting at the Big Game with Chipotle Mexican Grill Catering


Even if your team isn’t playing this year, you can throw the best Super Bowl party on the block with the catering options from Chipotle Mexican Grill. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or a small group of friends, Chipotle has several choices for football fans everywhere. The Chipotle folks catered last year’s Superbowl party. […]

Pistachio Snack Bar?

Enjoying Pistachio Bites


When it comes to snacking, I have to say I love pistachio nuts. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my favorite color is green and so is a pistachio nut, but they just taste so darn good! Once a bag of pistachio nuts is placed in front of me I have […]

Salads Taste Better

Salad dressings from San-J


I wonder how many people can honestly say that they love to eat salad on a daily basis. I don’t mean just lettuce and tomato because that isn’t a salad to me, but with lots of vegetables, cheeses, olives, nuts, sunflower seeds and croutons. Now that’s a salad! Anyway, how many say that they can […]

Morning Coffee Just Got Easier!

Enjoy Jiva Coffee Cubes


When I wake up in the morning, I leave just the right amount of time for me to get ready so I don’t get distracted. That means that I have to have practically everything ready the night before; even my lunch (unless something needs refrigerating). I have everything set out for the next morning so […]

Spice Up That Meal

Testing Teeny Tiny Spices from Vermont


There’s a lot to be said about those that love to cook; any day, any time, they just love to cook. And, I happen to be one of those that ‘love to cook.’ I’ve been told, however, that the one thing I need to work a little is the seasonings. I either add too much, […]

Flavors of Belize


Not  just an ordinary cookbook! When it comes to cooking, I have to say that I am a decent cook.  Sometimes I’ll follow a recipe completely, sometimes I ‘tweak’ it a bit and sometimes, I come up with my own recipe.  Either way, I love to cook just about anything and everything from anywhere using […]

What’s Better than a Truffle in your Stocking?

The 75-truffle Lindt Lindor Truffle Gift Bag


One of the nice treats that I’ve come to expect each year is a Lindt Lindor truffle in my Christmas Stocking. A little sphere of chocolate deliciousness that is just on the cusp of the solid-liquid border, ready to pop into my mouth and melt into bliss on my tongue.  But this week, something arrived […]

Say Hello To Pronto

Instant Coffee, Really Instant


  I am not a morning person. Never was, never will be. Yes, it would be nice to see a sunrise someday, but I am okay with watching sunsets. In fact, I find that I get so much more done in the late evening rather during the part of day people call morning. And yes, […]

A Li’l Sweetness Goes a Long Way

Tasting Hey Shuga! sweetener


I have been a coffee connoisseur for as long as I can remember. I start my day with a steamy hot cup of coffee. Then the afternoon pick me up to get me through the rest of the day. And, sometimes, I will have a cup of coffee at night, sit back and watch a […]

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