NH May

A Dog-Friendly Weekend at the Spruce Moose Lodge

Tail wagging fun in New Hampshire's Mt Washington Valley


One of the joys of having a dog in the family is that you have a companion who thrills to the little things in life – a spoonful of peanut butter, a squirrel running across the fence, a chance to get an energetic tummy rub. When traveling to a place of outdoor fun, like North […]

Bed, Breakfast, and Birds

Enjoying nature and relaxing at the Mount Washington B&B


A stay at the Mount Washington Bed and Breakfast, nestled the natural beauty of New Hampshire’s North Country, isn’t just a relaxing getaway, it’s also a chance to experience nature up close, perhaps adding a few of the area’s birds to your list of discoveries. The B&B sits just north of the protected White Mountains […]

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