NH Feb

A Village for Skiing

A weekend getaway to Waterville Valley New Hampshire


  A weekend getaway to New Hampshire could include any number of beautiful towns that have up around the state’s travel and tourism industry, particularly the towns near the many ski mountains, but Waterville Valley stands out as a premier getaway destination since it was designed and planned specifically as a self-contained four-season resort town. […]

Visiting New Hampshire?

Consider a Bed and Breakfast


Whether you’re hiking one of the many trails in our state parks, boating in the Lakes Region, sunbathing at Hampton Beach, or skiing in the North Country, at the end of the day you’re going to want a comfortable, relaxing place to stay. New Hampshire offers a wealth of choices, from traditional country inns, luxurious […]

Light as a feather…

The magic of nature revealed by a clutch of eggs


One crisp spring day, with last winter’s leaves scattered along our path and crinkling under our feet, we explored the thickened wooded area surrounding our hiking path. The trail that we chose happened to belong to a private area, which we are members. The air was cool; just enough to capture our breaths as we […]

A Getaway to New Hampshire’s White Mountains

A Romantic Weekend at Sugar Hill Inn, Fraconia, NH


  The morning sun seemed as lazy as we were, hiding behind mountain mist and a curtain of clouds until well into the morning. When the sun finally showed itself, its rays glistened on the snow outside our window and made the ice on the nearby mountains sparkle with their own internal fire. Even the […]

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