The First Fitness Suite Hotel


  Successful executives bring passion to their work. They bring that same passion to everything they do, whether it’s in the cars they drive, the art they collect, or even how they keep their bodies fit. When they travel, they insist on being able to continue their fitness routines, maybe even taking advantage of some […]

Experiments with Priceline

The Internet has pretty much eliminated the role of travel agent. Sure, there are times when you may want someone else to hassle with figuring out the details of a trip, but if you don’t mind punching the buttons yourself, you can book your own flights, hotels, cars, and event tickets. We love Expedia for […]

Elegance in the Real New Hampshire


Driving north from Rhode Island, we push through the Boston’s extended suburbs that dwindle away as we venture deeper into New Hampshire. Further north, we discover the part of New Hampshire that exists to serve tourists — the attractions around Lake Winnipesaukee, the ski resorts, and the natural wonders that make hiking and camping in […]

A Getaway to New Hampshire’s White Mountains


  The morning sun seemed as lazy as we were, hiding behind mountain mist and a curtain of clouds until well into the morning. When the sun finally showed itself, its rays glistened on the snow outside our window and made the ice on the nearby mountains sparkle with their own internal fire. Even the […]

Maple Sugaring in New Hampshire


Maple sugaring is one of the trickiest agricultural endeavors – while the trees grow all year around, sweet maple sap flows only under certain weather conditions. Some years those conditions last for weeks and there’s a bumper crop of maple syrup. Other years it doesn’t happen at all. And, sometimes, it comes and goes so […]

World Class Skiing In A Classic New England Village


  White-mantled fields with occasional patches of tall grass poking through the snow grace Route 100 as it winds its way into Vermont’s Green Mountains. White-flocked trees, still clinging to the last snowfall, stand like frosted sentries along the edges of the fields and riverbanks. It’s not wilderness, not with restaurants and stores, but the […]

History, Arts, Nightlife, and Dining


Boston’s Financial District is one of those very few places where you can find heavily overlapping layers of history, arts, nightlife, dining, and culture. A weekend getaway to that corner of the city can be an exciting and enteraining experience. Boston’s history doesn’t really center around Boston Common. Historical Boston actually centered around the old […]

The Charlesmark, at the Center of the Universe


Just an hour’s drive from Rhode Island is the center of the universe. Just ask any Bostonian, they’ll be proud to tell you that the universe revolves around Boston – the “Hub” of the universe. And while the Boston Common is more famous, the center of Boston is Copley Square. It’s where all the action […]

Exploring Salem’s Past


Interestingly, the much-remembered tragedy of the Salem witch hysteria brings the tourists and their money to Salem, which in turn fuels restaurants, B&B’s, art galleries, shops, and cultural events. That makes a place of historic mystery a wonderful destination for a romantic weekend, especially in Salem’s off season. We’ve visited Salem in the early spring, […]

The British Are Coming!


Minute Man National Historical Park commemorates the opening battle in the American Revolutionary War. It also includes The Wayside, home in turn to three noted American authors. The National Historical Park is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and protects 970 acres in and around the towns of Lexington, Massachusetts, Lincoln, Massachusetts, and […]

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