The United States of America


The United States of America (USA) is  culturally diverse, in part to its large size — approximately 2265 million acres, or over 9.5 million square kilometers.  The United States is the world’s third largest nation by total area, counting land and water, ranking below Russia and Canada and just above China.  The coastal plain of the […]

Making Roll-On Luggage Easier


Even though I brag about packing lightly, being willing to face any journey with a backpack and a credit card, it’s not always that easy. Before the introduction of roll-aboard luggage, the bags with wheels that fit in overhead carriers, only the flight crews had them. It helps a little to have a handle and […]

Good Four Letter Words


There are head-slapping inventions that you didn’t realize how much you needed it before you found it. Of course I want a lock on my luggage, and it needs to be TSA approved, and I’d prefer not to have to keep track of the key, but it wasn’t until I was asked to look at […]

A Distant Castle for Happily-Ever-Aftering


  Neil Blackburn, the Laird of Fernie Castle, invited us to spend our first honeymoon night in his 450-year-old castle. Not all of the castle is that old; only the “keep” dates from 1353 during the days of Duncan the 13th and the era of warring Highland clans. The majority of the castle is somewhat […]



Rhode Island’s Irish population has bought us stories of Irish pastoral tranquility. We think of green hills dotted by white sheep, of quiet Irish villages perched on rocky shorelines, and of a people who live at an unhurried pace. That put a tranquil, relaxing visit to Ireland high on our list when Linda and I […]

Visiting For The Long Term


  When I first took Linda to Texas to meet my family, we needed a comfortable homebase — a place with not only a comfortable bed, but also a kitchen, laundry facilities, and room to spread out as we explored. My mother’s house had only limited air conditioning, and staying with relatives always means disrupting […]

Escaping to Vermont


Vermont is a bit of a drive for a Rhode Islander — after all, there are plenty of Rhode Islanders who hate even driving over “THE BRIDGE”, and who consider Emerald Square Mall too far away because it’s off the edge of the state. But a drive to Vermont gets you into the Green Moutains, […]

The Old Campground in Maine Has Grown Up


Thirty-five years ago, Point Sebago was a place for a tent, a campfire, and lots of peace and quiet between long hikes and soaking in Lake Sebago. That was the day when teenagers weren’t addicted to email, cable TV, and video games. Now, it’s a bit harder to pull a family together for a week […]

The Quiet Corner


A drive through the New England countryside that starts in Rhode Island can easily wander off the edge of the state. We took a weekend drive along Route 6 and soon found ourselves in Connecticut, with rolling hills and quaint villages that just went on and on and on. Admittedly, our trip wasn’t spur of […]

Rest AND Adventure


New England offers so many places with new experiences, and pleny of others with peace and quiet, but it’s a special joy to find a place within driving distance that offers both in abundance. For a recent weekend getaway, we scurried off to Cape Ann to Gloucester Massachusetts. Even though I pride myself for knowing […]

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