Leaf Peeping In Rhode Island


The untouched forests of Rhode Island vanished in the early 1800’s, burned for the charcoal that fed the era’s iron forges and creating the iconic patchwork of stone-walled farms that blanketed the rolling hills of New England. But the bucolic scenery so familiar from Currier and Ives prints existed for just a generation; over the […]

Invasion of the Texas Steakhouses


    I remember restaurants that were different, purposefully different — “The Magic Time Machine” with waiters in costumes and each booth decorated like a different movie set, “Old Spaghetti Warehouse” where you could sit in a trolly car or in booth constructed from an old brass bed, “China Palace” where each booth looked like […]

Nine to Five Should Be This Fun


  Remember the movie Nine to Five?  It was the end of the 1970’s and Dolly Parton played her first movie role as the secretary of a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritcal, bigot executive played by Dabney Colman.  Jane Fonda played the new girl in the office, while Lilly Tomlin played the most experienced office manager.  […]

A Different Watch for World Travelers


Like much of the world, I’ve stopped wearing a wristwatch, instead using my ever-present cellphone as a pocketwatch. It’s not like I don’t like watches, it’s just that I hadn’t found the watch I really like. So when was offered a chance to get a close look at the Phosphor watch, I thought I’d check […]

Temple to the Wind


Temple to the Wind, by Christopher Pastore, gives the early history of the America’s Cup races, when fortunes were spent on racing yachts with sails large enough to cover a shopping mall.   There were rules, complicated calculations at times determining how long and wide the yachts could be, but the biggest rules were the laws […]

Keeping My Smart Phone Alive


Ever since I got my smartphone, I’ve been watching the little battery indicator — Will it last unitl I get home?  Do I need to borrow a cable from someone?  What happens if the battery dies before I finish taking the party pictures?  I tried buying an extra large spare battery with extra charge — it didn’t […]

Oakland Beach for Dinner


  I am proud to be the first to announce that Oakland Beach has returned.  I’ve watched the neighborhood struggle for as long as I’ve lived in Rhode Island, wondering when they will ever get the right formula to bring back the magic that Oakland Beach once was.  They found it and I get to […]

The Wisdom of Heart Health


I have no particular health issues that would lead me to read a book about heart health, but after an unsual string of events, it appeared on my desk with a request that I do the review. Now we don’t normally review books unrelated to travel, but here goes… This book’s title, “The Wisdom of Heart Health”, […]



Growing up, I was told that wampum was “Indian money”. It was a less enlightened age, and in a part of the world where we never heard of quahogs. But now I know that wampum were shell beads used for trading. They weren’t money, any more than rum or nails or beaver pelts were money, […]

Walking and Tasting Boston’s Freedom Trail


Boston’s Freedom Trail leads largely through Boston’s North End, a neighborhood that comprises Boston’s “Little Italy”. While the trail focuses on the history that lead to America’s independence, you can’t avoid the Italian culture. And Italian culture infers Italian food. The red bricks of the Freedom Trail goes right by numerous restaurants in Boston’s North […]

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