Staying On Board


You can’t live an hour’s drive from Boston and not go there now and then. We visit once or twice a year on our weekend getaways and are always try to find a hotel right in the middle of the action. The shopping and history and arts and dining are all great excuses to visit […]

Peace, Quiet, And History


Our anniversary trip to Deerfield, Massachusetts was perhaps the most restful weekend getaway we’ve ever had. We were guests of the 120-year-old Deerfield Inn, a classic country inn right in the middle of a mile-long string of historic museum houses. We enjoyed a gourmet dinner in the Inn’s restaurant before heading up to our peaceful […]

Linda Sez

lindasez brings you online product reviews from famed homemaker Linda Eagleson.  She tells you what they say, what she says, and gives you a chance to give your own opinions on products ranging from household items to electronics. To visit, go wo  

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