Quenching thirst AND helping the environment


We live in a world that is constantly changing, producing new and incredible items that make our busy lives even easier. There are the computers, the iPads, and the iPhones, cars that run on electricity, plastic water bottles and the list goes on and on. With all of these new inventions comes a multitude of […]

Supporting our feet in the comfort


There isn’t anything more comfortable to me when I come home from being on my feet all day than to kick off my shoes and slip into my soft, cuddly green fleece slippers, with their little green bows adorning the sides.  I scuff around the house, making supper, petting the dogs, and then finally sitting […]

No more playing peek-a-boo with our passports!


  Who doesn’t like to travel?  If someone says they don’t, they are probably lying because I cannot imagine someone not wanting to see the world!  Ok, maybe there are a few that are homebodies and but of course; they are the ones waiting at home for their world traveler.  Anyway, traveling is great, but […]

The taste of rich, luscious chocolate in a drink!


Chocolate has to be the most delicious taste in the world!  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am hoping that my hubby buys me the biggest box of chocolate that is for sale. Then, I can sit in bed and delve into the box.  I love chocolate.   And what other ways can I […]

Pocketbooks can now stand on their own!


I love to go to eat (and, my body shows it!)  But not just for the food, but for the ambiance and company.  When I am out, I don’t want to have to worry about anything.  I want to be carefree and not have to worry about life in general.  But, there is one thing […]

Light as a feather…


One crisp spring day, with last winter’s leaves scattered along our path and crinkling under our feet, we explored the thickened wooded area surrounding our hiking path. The trail that we chose happened to belong to a private area, which we are members. The air was cool; just enough to capture our breaths as we […]

Scoring with a Winning Attitude


  It all began one evening when my husband and I ventured out into a cold and drizzly autumn night, our mission being able to discover a place to eat that was fun, cheap and easy to find from the main road. We are always up for an adventure, so when I spotted “The End […]

Say Je T’aime and be bubbly surprised!


Ah, the holidays…they always seem to pass by far too quickly as far as I am concerned.  I always love the getting together with family, friends and neighbors and enjoying the festivities.  Good food, scrumptious sweet temptations and always an assortment of mouth-watering beverages to compliment the cuisine. What can be better than that!  Now […]

What better way than to lose weight by eating chocolate?


It seems that I am always on a diet. Atkins, Weight Watchers, Alli, no carbohydrate diet, no sugar diet, protein only diets, diet pills, you name it, I have probably tried it. I have been successful (for a time at least) with many, but always find that the weight starts to creep back on and […]

A new way to beautiful, wrinkle-free eyes forever!


For years, women have gone to great lengths to maintain their youthful skin and rid themselves of unwanted wrinkles. For me, I’m not very concerned about wrinkles because I know that is part of life. But, there are many women that do worry about trying to maintain their youth, no matter what it takes — […]

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