The Gift Giver is more than just another book! It’s real!


I am  one of those old fashioned people that just love to sit down and read a real good book.  I don’t like reading a book on those new, fancy Nooks, or Kindles or even on my phone.  I want to hold a book in my lap with my legs curled up under me, kick […]

Cleaning hardwoods are easier than we thought!


I love hardwood floors.  I grew up with hard wood floors; no wall-to-wall carpeting but beautifully constructed hardwood floors.  My dad was always polishing them with the old-fashioned buffer and butcher’s wax.  They were gorgeous when he was done. Then, the four of us kids would wander into the house with our wet boots and […]

A Step into the Past


  The American Indian has held a magical mystique for me. Their simple life styles, their belief system and their constant pursuit of happiness is a source of wonder for many. There are a multitude of museums located throughout the country that depict the history of these beloved people and the land that was once […]

Staying Comfortable While Doing Yoga


Exercise is not something I take lightly.   When I set out to do something, whether it is a project or exercise, I do it full force!   I have dabbled in many different ways of exercising, from Pilates to walking the dogs.  Hiking is my favorite by far, as I love being out with nature, my […]

Traveling With The Little Ones Made Easier


I can’t imagine what it is like to travel with and infants and toddlers these days on those long (and short) strenuous road trips!  Despite it being decades ago, I can still remember all of my own road trips with my three sons, ranging from one to five, and all by myself!  There were times […]

Sipping Away with Elegance and Purpose


Mother’s Day is right around the corner everyone.  With that being said, what am I going to get my mother this time?  I think I have pretty well exhausted the flowers, beautifully decorated cards that say just the right thing, candy, inexpensive jewelry (love you mom, but we’re on a budget) and an eventful dinner […]

Tissues within just an arms length in your car! Fantastic!


I have to say that I am probably one of the worse people when it comes to keeping tissues in my car.  I don’t even carry them in my pocketbook (but I should, as I have allergies)!  When I am traveling and need a tissue, I just reach for one of those extra napkins from […]

Shining a Light Into the Past


Block Island, in itself, retains such a remote quality that one can hardly imagine that there can be something even more remote on the island. That being said, the North Lighthouse is just that. If you go to the most remote spot on the island, and if you don’t mind trudging through soft sand for […]

Finding Romance In Nature


  Most couples think that a romantic outing has to involve dining out, or dancing, or a movie, or an expensive event, like the theater. Well, I beg to differ on this one. Despite loving the ornate and glamorous at times, I mostly opt for a chance to be outdoors to bring me back to […]

St. Patty Day’s celebration just got a whole lot easier


  St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and I just know that I will want to find something different to celebrate the day than drinking green beer or green milkshakes.  Something that is pleasing to the eye, doesn’t require a lot of different ingredients and even the clumsiest of all clumsy people, (that being me […]

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