Clothing that Takes Your Breath Away


When summer arrives, most people think about the bright sun, cool walks along the beach and swimming in the ocean. For me, I think about air conditioning. Normally, I just opt for a pair of very short shorts and a tank top that is really loose and staying inside during the day. My main priority […]

That Morning Cup of Coffee Just Got Fresher


Waking up in the morning does not come easily for me. I hit the snooze alarm, try to sleep for another minute, hit the snooze again until I almost fall back to sleep until my animals jump on me, telling me to get up to get them something to eat. After my usual routine, I […]

Just Talking


Every year, people try to find something new and exciting to do for their wedding anniversay. There are so many wonderful and fantastic places to go in Rhode Island, what would one choose to do? How about a wonderful dinnner at McCormick’s and Schmick’s, or a movie at the IMax theater? Or, a play in […]

Fashionable feet invigorated all summer long


Remember those warm summer evenings when we would be walking along the beach at night, being barefoot without a care in the world, glancing at the sparkles in the sky and wishing that the night would never end? Remember having to brush the sand off of our feet and slip into our comfy sandals for […]

Rhode Island’s Guilty Pleasure


It all began a very long time ago… I was eight years old. My Aunt, (whom I was living with at the time), took my cousins and me to a Portuguese festival near her house in East Providence. I was so excited because I knew that I was going to get a balloon, and ice […]

Simple elegance with just one touch


When I think of the arrival of summer, I not only think about long walks on the beaches with hubby and our dogs or maybe some clam cakes and chowder, but I also think about what I am going to do with my long hair when it gets unbearably hot! It is always a challenge […]

Zinc Controls the Common Cold


There are so so many medicines on the market these days, all making promises. They can cure this, they can cure that, ours is better than yours, our price is lowest… the claims go on and on. I know that when I get a cold, I want to find just the right one that will […]

Winding Around the Ponds


  Hiking is quite a sport for many Rhode Islanders, my family included. In this marvelous state, there is always a new trail to explore with our dogs, armed with a backpack filled with goodies and of course, a camera to capture the beauty of nature. Recently we traveled to Ryan Park, located near the […]

Alba Gu Bragh (Scotland Forever)


Once upon a time in the midst of warring battles between the clans, a mighty figure emerged for all to see. He stood 6 feet tall with dark, with wavy hair, massive muscular arms, a beard as long as a horse‚Äôs tail, and wearing a … skirt? Ok, I was taken by the description of […]

Peanut butter and jelly in a drink??


One of my most utmost favorite sandwiches in the world is Peanut Butter and Jelly. Can you believe that? I am in my fifties and I still would choose a PB & J sandwich over a ham and cheese sandwich. Add a nice cold glass of milk and I am all set for the night […]

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