Dining in Whimsey


  It is really nice to visit a restaurant that is so different that you just have to let the world know about it. So, that is what I am going to do! My husband and I did the usual drive down Route 2’s “Restaurant Row”, but Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, and On the Border […]

Woods and Seashore


Tucked away in a remote corner of a southern town in Rhode Island lies a trail that will take you away from all of the mundane stressors of life. Located on Route 1 South, near the Gilbert Stuart Museum on the east side of the road before the exit to the Jamestown Bridge is your […]

Images of a North Country Autumn


Beautiful Scituate and Burrilville and Foster and Gloucester and Chepachet and so many more little towns and cities that are scattered throughout the northern area of Rhode Island make a drive in the country ever so inviting. Slipping down Route 102, you can see the autumn arena right before your eyes.   Pumpkins are displayed […]

A Walk in the Woods


Hiking has always been a passion of mine. Since I can remember, I loved to explore the dark and daring spaces of the daunting woods. Being the imaginative child that I was, I would envision large grizzly bears prowling the woods surrounding my house and even heard a growl or two as I ventured a […]

“Wheeling” Around Romantic Block Island


  Pristine waters lapped against the numerous sailboats resting in the harbor of Block Island as a seagull floats gently to one of the masts, securing his majestic stance for all the other gulls to see. The taste of salt-water still lingers on our lips as we make our way from the ferry, docked in […]

Hiking in the Sand


When you think of hiking, you usually think of an outdoor adventure through a thick, densely wooded area, requiring adequate clothing, boots, insect repellent, a back pack, and water. You might have to climb over tree limbs, roots and rocks to make your way and eventually you come out back where you started. But what […]

Being wild and staying warm at the same time


  For those of you who know me,  (and those that don’t), I try to be as open minded as the next person but sometimes I have to step back and try to look at the whole picture rather than jumping right to the conclusion part.  Being a product review editor for a few years now, […]

A “First Class” Airplane Nap


Haven’t you ever just wanted to fly first class in an airplane, just to see what it was like? I sure have, but I just never could seem to afford the ticket. First class isn’t just about the food, free alcohol and wider seats; it’s also about staying warm and cozy while traveling, not just […]

Being ‘massaged away’ to Bali, right here in Newport!


It’s never to late to take that trip we have always wanted to do; to a far away land with crystal clear blue skies, the sweet sounds of nature, and nothing to remind us of the trivialities of our everyday lives. A place where we can nurture our inner self and be connected to something […]

Safe “Under” All Situations


There have been many time in my travels that I was always, and I do mean always, concerned about where to put my money that would keep it safe.   Years ago, I only worried about the cash, and relied on travler’s checks, but now stollen identification papers can be a lot more valuable to a […]

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