A Baby Bottle on a Moment’s Notice


I’d like to extend my sincerest congratulations to all those new parents, (and grandparents) that have just welcomed a new baby into their homes.  Now it’s time for the 3AM feeding and there aren’t any clean bottles ready for that very hungry child in the other room!  What are you going to do now? If […]

Hold On to Your Seat Belts!


Ever wonder what happens to seat belts once a car is retired from its driving days? Ok, probably not, but can you imagine using seat belts from those retired vehicles and making a really super, extra durable custom-made bag? Well, I couldn’t imagine anything like that until I was asked to sample one of these […]

Kid’s gifts that didn’t make it into the stockings


I know that I am notorious for waiting till the last minute on many things, but Christmas isn’t one of them.  Well, at least I thought I was until this Christmas when my body decided to give me a good case of pneumonia.  So, I did much of my shopping on line this time, (though […]

Don’t let the stresses of the holidays get to you


Christmas is approaching faster than we would like, but we can somehow survive the onslaught of shopping, wrapping presents, family gatherings, and getting through our everyday workload. We ask ourselves, “How am I going to get through the next few weeks and still be able to shop for presents? Decorate my home? Wrap? Bake? Cook? […]

Giving back is where it’s at…


  My family and I have chosen to give up our usual materialistic Christmas and to give back to those in need. We plan to buy a goat for a family in Brazil in hopes that they will be able to provide food and nourishment for their loved ones.     As Americans, we have […]

Magnificent Ears With Just One Clip


Dressing up for a special occasion can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. If you are like me and don’t really have a sense of what looks good and what doesn’t then you would know what I mean when I say “overwhelming. I can usually find the right necklace, but have problems selecting the right earrings. […]

A Li’l Sweetness Goes a Long Way


I have been a coffee connoisseur for as long as I can remember. I start my day with a steamy hot cup of coffee. Then the afternoon pick me up to get me through the rest of the day. And, sometimes, I will have a cup of coffee at night, sit back and watch a […]

Saved by a Whale’s Tail


With all of the really cool gadgets on the market for our electronics,  life can become very confusing, with adapters, plug-ins, holders, chargers, earplugs, stands, covers, jackets, wireless devices and pretty much anything else you can think of to help make the world of electronics easier.  One problem I often come across when talking to people about […]

No Wobbly Turkey Necks


I’m not always checking myself to make sure that every line, crease and wrinkle is covered in a fashionable way.  Maybe I might dot some mascara and eye shadow on, but really, that is about it.  But, and I mean but, I told myself that I never want to get one of those turkey looking […]

Water with a ‘Sparkling’ Taste of Class


Nowadays, we constantly reminded to drink enough water.  Thankfully, there is a huge variety of water products on the market that help getting enough water easier  — filtered water from pitchers, spring water in plastic bottles, BPA free water bottles, Vitamin enriched waters, flavor enhancers, odd shaped water bottles — all providing cool, refreshing water right at our fingertips. […]

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