Nutritious Meals in Minutes


Like so many others, I work, do a lot of volunteer work, and have a family.  Just about every working parent can understand how overwhelming it can be trying to prepare hearty and healthy meals when you don’t have 3 hours.  I am not fond of instant whatever, TV dinners, or Burger King, to substitute for […]

Loving Vintage Sports Teams


Being in a family that loved sports, I grew up cheering for any local team. Of course the  Red Sox were always called the Red Sox but the New England Patriots were once called the Boston Patriots.  I would love to remember the old Patriots with some kind of memorabilia. Prep Sports Wear,, is just the company that can […]

Out of this World Lounging Pants


  After working a very long day, I like to come home and just veg-out with my family, furry and not furry. Kick off the shoes, pour a glass of wine and put on my favorite pair of well-worn lounging pants and just relax. Just relax.  And when traveling, what’s better than the comfort of […]

Making Yoga Comfortable


    Yoga is one of the best forms of  exercise for getting that  total peace of mind feeling.  Can we say that with any other form of exercise?  Maybe some of you can, but for me, I walk away from doing Yoga feeling refreshed, invigorated and centered.  Other forms of exercise usually mean aches […]

Feeling Lush and Beautiful


  Being a woman, I know how important it is for me to feel good about myself. Whether that means having just the right amount of hair spray on my bangs or if my skin feels soft enough today, I want to make sure that I feel like I’m suppose to feel — like a woman!  […]

Clothing for children with sensitive skin


I was born, bred and raised in America. I buy American made cars, clothing, food and anything else that is made in America. I am an avid environmentalist and respect our Earth every day that I am alive. I believe in keeping jobs in America, rather that outsourcing to another country for cheaper labor. So, […]

An Honest Approach to Skin Care


  In 8 years of reviewing products, I have seen so many different and unique products that say they can “stop the aging process.’” Well, just what happens when we age? For one, the skin can become thin and almost translucent due to the loss of collagen. Or, maybe our skin becomes much dryer than […]

Say Hello To Pronto


  I am not a morning person. Never was, never will be. Yes, it would be nice to see a sunrise someday, but I am okay with watching sunsets. In fact, I find that I get so much more done in the late evening rather during the part of day people call morning. And yes, […]

Do You Know Who You Really Are?


    Learning about the different Zodiac signs is very fascinating to me.  I can remember growing up and buying a book for my Zodiac sign, Virgo, and learning about what careers would be good choices for me, my love life, health, other relationships; just about anything I wanted to know about ‘me’ I could […]

Staying in Style on the Golf Course


When the weather starts to get a little bit warmer from the blistering cold of the winter, those special people that like to venture out onto a muddy green area of grass, take that silver plated stick of theirs and hit a ball, somewhere, anywhere, (hopefully a hole in one) and take a deep breath […]

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