One of a kind is still something to think about


There are still those times in our lives where we want to do something really special for those we care about. We want to find something that is truely unique, exciting, and we know will put a big smile on their faces. Of course can you find something that is produced in volume, but that’s […]

In With The New


When a new year begins, we all promise ourselves that we are going to change. We promise that we will loose weight, or get a new job, or start a new relationship. Maybe we will promise ourselves that we will finally start to save some money, or go out less, or visit old friends. Or […]

Ice Age in Rhode Island


Sometimes, walking outside in Rhode Island’s blistery cold winter weather can feel like we’ve entered another ice age, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Maybe putting on a hat and mittens might help, but even that doesn’t inspire some people to take advantage of the cold weather in Rhode Island. And yes, I do mean […]

Perks and Corks


When I visit Westerly, I feel like I am entering another state all together. Westerly has its own eccentric qualities that aren’t like any other city or town in Rhode Island. Being an artist, I love to visit Westerly, filled with all of its art galleries, coffee shops, boutiques, along with it’s Five and Dime […]

Traveling in Style Made Easier


Traveling to far away places have always been my dream. As much as I travel now,  I still wish to someday visit Alaska, or Colorado, or Russia, or spend a long  relaxing vacation in Scotland. Of course I want to make my traveling as easy and  comfortable as possible. Now the question is, how to […]

A bag for Reliving the 60’s


When I travel someplace, I want to make sure that I plan ahead. But despite wanting everything with me, I also want to make sure that I carry around with me as little as possible… who wants to spend half the time adjusting the straps on a big purse, or worrying about the backpack that […]

A place to nurture romance and be absorbed in luxury


Romantic country inns tucked away along long and windy roads have enticed impassioned lovers for centuries — promising warmth, luxury and tempting breakfasts to those that decide to partake — a setting where dreams can reveal your innermost desires, drifting minds to places that can only be imagined. Green velvet forests and a cool winding […]

Getting Away To King Richard’s Faire


Billowing gowns draped along the hay encrusted grounds as two exuberant women, clad in velvet capes, made their way past us to gain entrance to the Faire. My husband and I both knew what to expect, as both having been to King Richard’s Faire in our prior lives. And as usual, we were not disappointed. […]

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